Welcome To nebrowse!

Welcome to the first week of nebrowse!

It’s Taylor and I just wanted to say how excited I am you are here! I have been waiting for this moment for almost a year now. (And I’m not a very patient person, so it was a pretty long wait.) But the wait was totally worth it, because it’s finally here and it’s just as fun as I hoped it would be.

We are growing something very awesome together!

We’ve launched just to sellers for the time being because we wanted to give all of our wonderful nebrowsellers ample time to get their store set up and figure out the nebrowse system.

But the time has almost come to officially launch to EVERYONE! Are you ready for it? We so are.

And now after a long day of putting the finishing touches on everything nebrowse related, you can find me on my stoop drinking a glass of wine. Stay tuned for updates or email me at taylor@nebrowse.com if you have any questions.

The real fun is just getting started. Let’s start nebrowsing!